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A house may make a home but it is the facilities and amenities that come with that house that make for a relaxing and sophisticated lifestyle and so CDC Holdings, Inc. included in their Lions Park Residences project, a set of amenities that would ensure a well-balanced lifestyle, one that provides for rest, recreation, relaxation and entertainment all in one location, central to the residential towers. Those amenities include:

  • Resort-style swimming pool
  • Kiddies pool
  • Multi-purpose hall (Pavilion)
  • Landscaped park
  • Butterfly garden
  • Children’s playground
  • BBQ pits
  • Fish pond

Many of these amenities, like the pool and the pavilion, are located centrally, in the middle of the towers allowing seclusion and exclusivity.

With all these amenities being in one location and just steps away from the residences, it allows residents to enjoy all of them to the fullest without the hassles of traffic congestion or incompetent drivers. This, in turn, leads to a more relaxed lifestyle, one without stress and anxiety. With no travelling involved, it also means that residents can enjoy more of each necessity, rest, relaxation and recreation allowing them to be in a better frame of mind for their working day, which hopefully, also takes place nearby.

Safety and Security

When a home owner does have to leave home on business, they want to know that they are leaving their families in a safe and secure environment. By placing all the amenities that a family may need, all within the same complex as their home, CDC Holdings Inc. can provide Lion Park Residences home owners that safety and security they want for their families, especially as the complex has its own security on duty 24/7.

There are of course times when a family may want to get out and enjoy amenities not provided within the complex but when that occurs, there are many other options, all close by and they include a bird sanctuary. Although different birds may migrate at different times of the year, most migrate during the months of August through till March and at those times; it is possible to see in the sanctuary, birds not just from neighbouring China but also from countries as far away as Siberia.

The amenities in the complex, plus the ones nearby ensure that residents can enjoy a safe, secure and yet diverse and comfortable lifestyle, all whilst remaining close to the industries and businesses that provide the residents with work. As it are the amenities that are available that dictate a person’s lifestyle, few people in the world, let alone the Philippines, get the opportunities for as good and comfortable lifestyle as that enjoyed by Lion Park Residences and so it is little wonder that CDC Holdings Inc. chose a Lion as the symbol for this project. A Lion is a symbol of pride and security, two aspects which all Lion Park Residents can claim and be thankful for.

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